For the Carl's Jr. pitch, I was asked to write bars for one of my favorite rappers.

Turns out, I'm not one of his favorite writers. 



I’m not macking on a Whopper or a Mac,

I’m at Carl’s, in the corner booth, working on a snack,

I’m at Carl’s, eating burgers, with the onion ring stacks,

With a Western Bacon Cheese, and I’m telling you the facts:

There ain’t a burger that can’t do it this big.

There ain’t a burger with this barbeque drip.

Charbroiled meat with the crispy bacon strips.

Catch me in the drive thru listening to Blue Chips.

Catch me in a black coupe, with a burger in my fist.

7 Series. I know I shouldn’t eat inside the whip.

Beef Patties. Have you ever seen a burger this thick?

You might see me getting greasy with a cheesy in the vip.

I’m getting super high snacking on some Carl’s fries.

I’m getting super baked sipping on Carl’s Shake.

It's all beef patties ‘til I’m sleeping with the fishes.

The Western Bacon Cheeseburger: Fuck, that’s delicious.